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A community of entrepreneurs working in collaboration.
We are building!

Imagine a platform – BY ENTREPRENEURS, FOR ENTREPRENEURS – offering entrepreneurial education in every aspect of business from launching your social enterprise to finding financing to developing exit strategies. EntreLaunch is on a mission to change the world by empowering youth to think creatively, create social impact and build scalable businesses. We at EntreLaunch envision a mobile platform where you, the entrepreneur, have access to courses on demand to teach you how to use and apply knowledge practically to your business. Our online learning modules will be accessible via desktop and mobile. No ability to stream video content? Alternate text content will be available. Local programming will also be available in select areas. We know your schedule is hectic and your time valuable. Learn what you need to know when you need to know it without wasting time in traditional classrooms. Our online courses will be available for all ages. Our local programs will largely focus on youth. We are proud to announce the formation of our not for profit – EntreLaunch Foundation. The Foundation will focus on young entrepreneurships and is expected to launch EntreFunds and EntreLoans in 2018 – the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who need just a bit of funding to launch and validate their project. Our community -based funding programs also encourage the community participation and support. International exchanges will also be arranged for young entrepreneurs in partnership with entrepreneurial organizations and service clubs. We all win when we support each other. Sharing is encouraged. EntreLaunch is the global community for entrepreneurs be they experienced entrepreneurs or just starting out.

  • Our online education programs feature courses created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and allow you to learn without having to sit in a classroom.

  • Impact Cup is a challenge designed to spark creativity while building an Impact business within a short timeframe.

  • Our Strategic Plan includes the development of a community funding platform for young entrepreneurs worldwide.

  • Sharing and collaboration among entrepreneurs is vital to ensure we build a strong future. Members may join the private Facebook group.

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