Launching a new generation of entrepreneurs


EntreLaunch offers workshops and events providing young entrepreneurs the skills they need to succeed as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.


IMPACTcup is a multi-day event designed to help attendees develop ideas to solve local, regional or global issues.With an emphasis on end user benefit and uptake, this program will ensure attendees learn not only how to develop a business plan but also learn how to validate the idea for its target market.

Teen Programs

EntreLaunch offers a variety of teen programs and workshops in both formal (school) and informal settings to provide the skills and abilities youth need to create their own future through entrepreneurship or to become intrapreneurs within existing companies. Consulting services are also available for youth businesses.


Imagine having access to funds to test out your idea and validate your product or service? For many youth, this funding simply isn’t available (through family or otherwise) or only available in very limited quantity to a small number of people. Starting in early 2018, EntreFund will provide small microloans to those under aged 18 for just this purpose through the EntreLaunch Foundation.

Our Vision

A community of entrepreneurs working in collaboration.
Launching the next generation!

EntreLaunch is on a mission to change the world by empowering youth to think creatively, create social impact and think outside the box. In the next 5 years, our goal is to help over 150,000 youth build a brighter future through informal learning programs, workshops and entrepreneurial education.

Our programs are designed to alleviate global youth unemployment and underemployment by offering options outside traditional career paths. Through exposure to opportunities, youth develop skills to innovate and adapt to future job markets. With 70% of jobs set to disappear in the next 2 decades, these skills are in high demand!

To further benefit our teen entrepreneurs, a microfunding program is planned for 2018.

  • Our education programs feature workshops and events created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs that provide basic business skills, creative thinking, leadership training and engagement in both formal and informal settings to accomodate various learning styles.

  • Impact Cup is a challenge designed to spark creativity while building an Impact business within a short timeframe.

  • Our microloan programs will launch in 2018 providing funds to teen entrepreneurs for idea validation and startup costs.

  • Sharing and collaboration among entrepreneurs is vital to ensure we build a strong future. Join our Launcher directory today.

Core Values

1.Embrace Failure

2.Be a Change Maker

3.Give Forward

4.Embrace Weirdness Everyday

5.Think the Unthinkable and Know It is Possible

6.Seek Adventure; Be Creative

7.Always Be Learning

8.Build Social Value and Strong Relationships

9.Do More With Less

10.Create Positive Impact through Strategic Shifts

11.Follow Your Passion

12.Support Future Generations

EntreLaunch Inc. adheres to the UN Global Compact 10 Principles

Our Team

Rebecca Palmer

Chief Facilitator and Founder
Rebecca is a serial entrepreneur and community builder with a mission to inspire innovation, transform lives and connect communities.A lifelong learner, she stays up to date on new trends, needs and strategies with a focus on global entrepreneurship, strategic shifts and social good.

Christine Whone

Board Member – EntreLaunch Foundation
Christine Whone is Owner and Communication Designer of Actually Barrie Chapter Lead of Ladies Learning Code, Community Builder of Startup Barrie, Instructor and mentor, and Advisory Committee Member for Graphic Design at Georgian College.Christine has held various responsibilities in her 11 years of experience and expertise in design, communications, and entrepreneurship while working with clients in a diverse range of sectors. Her experience as a designer and business owner, can leverage participant knowledge around a unique experience for them to suit their needs. She works with each participant to build an outcome that will serve them beyond the learning exchange to further their education, career, or business.

Vongai Bhelebana

Global Advisor – South Africa

Elena Biryukova

Global Advisor – Russia

Cristobal Raby

Global Advisor – Chile

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