How to Be the Best Branded Business on the Block

How to Be the Best Branded Business on the Block

When it comes starting a business, building a brand should one of your top priorities. The next step is brand recognition.  This is what makes you memorable to prospective clients and makes you stand out from your competitors.  Signage is a great way to create a branding touch point with those looking for your services.  It helps familiarize the public with your business and begins to build the brand relationship between your company and potential customers. Finding ways to make a visual impact with custom signs that match your branding increases recognition, as well as brand trust.

brand a-frame sign

You want your business to stand out from your competition by ensuring you are always top of mind. When you always strive to be at the top of your industry you are building trust with your clients.  Brand trust helps increase the word of mouth advertising about your company.   There are several ways to use signs and branding to foster a relationship between your business and consumers.

Start With Your Storefront

Your storefront is often the first impression for your business.  You want to ensure that your signs are highly visible to both vehicle traffic and those passing by on foot.  The best way to do this is to have a large clear storefront sign, window graphics and a changeable A-Frame sign that matches your business branding.  These 3 elements work together to attract buyers to your establishment and let them know a bit about your offerings.

Not a Brick and Mortar Business? Signs Still Play a Part in Your Marketing Mixbrand banner stand

Just because you don’t have a storefront you still need signs. Trade show signage is an important factor that companies need to consider when it comes to marketing their business.  Making connections is important for building a brand.  Also getting involved in your community elevates your status with many consumers.  Consider sponsoring a hole at a charity golf tournament or exhibiting at the next gala event.  Temporary signs are the best choice for these types of events.

Bring You Vehicle into the Brand

Often business owners do not think to brand their vehicles.  This is a lost opportunity.  Think of how often your vehicle travels for your business.  Vehicle graphics are traveling advertisements about what you do and offer another level of brand recognition.

Remember a sign works as a 24 hour advertisement for your business, so be sure that is a positive reflection of your brand.  Branding can assist entrepreneurs by helping them stand out from others in their industry.  Make sure you build a brand that you can be proud of.

Posted by Lisa McDonald of The Sign Depot Inc.