Youth Business Consulting

I have an idea. Where do I start?


Whether you are a teen still in high school, a college student or graduate, we all need support to make it happen.

Let’s face it – being an Entrepreneur is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and determination, major hustle and just a little luck. The hours are endless and support may be hard to find, particularly if you are the only entrepreneur among your peers. But – you get to be the boss, set your own hours and choose to do something that you love. YOU are in control of your own future.

There is no cost for this call.

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Ready to move forward with your idea? Receive one on one support during the development process through our youth business consulting program.

Consultation topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Finding your WHY and learn how to incorporate it into every aspect of your business
  • Identify your ideal customer
  • Know your worth and price accordingly
  • Identify opportunities for your business
  • Understand your market
  • Develop a strong marketing plan that aligns with your needs and target audience
  • Use Social Media to build new relationships and find your tribe
  • Find local in-person networking opportunities to grow your business
  • Build strong relationships and increase word of mouth referrals
  • Combat the “Crabs in a Bucket” people holding you down so you can move forward
  • Choose the right platforms for your audience
  • Set up & maintain social media accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram & more.
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram to improve your audience reach
  • Build and utilize a strong online presence on various social media platforms
  • How to apply your marketing strategy to different platforms
  • Learn new strategies, tips & procedures through online learning platforms
  • Learn why Klout score, Likes and Follower count really DO NOT matter.
  • Create a kick-ass 1 page business plan!

Please note there is a small fee for this service heavily discounted for teens.

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