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Colour Theory Assignment

Your task is to formally utilize the checklist to apply practical colour theory guidance to your design piece. Doing so will help you establish exactly what colour choices are valid based on colour theory to enhance your brand. When you have all of the colour theory items checked, it will be easy to know what to include in a moodboard for your Brand Guideline, which we will cover in our last module.

Once you have completed the Colour Theory activity you’ll be ready to use your brand colours, applying them to any new graphic design piece you are working on. It’s that easy!  Use an additional sheet of paper or create a Google Document to write down all of your colour theory findings.


  1. Select a design to use so you can apply it to the colour theory checklist.
  2. When the checklist is complete, share a brief 2-3 sentence description of your findings in the discussion board.


Colour Theory ChecklistYesNoDescription
Do you know what each colour signifies? Research and document each colour used.For example:

Green: growth, environmental friendly

Red: passion, energy

Are you using analog colours? Document each colour swatch used.For example:

Green, green-blue, blue

Are you using complimentary colours? Document each colour swatch used.For example:

Purple and yellow

Are you using monochromatic colours? Document each colour swatch used.Helpful tip:

Three swatches of single hue of blue (dark shades) or lighter tints

Are you using grey scale? Document each intensity of black used.For example:

80%, 75%, 50% of Black

Are you using triadic scale? Document each colour swatch used.Helpful tip: Triadic is three colours spaced equally apart.
Are you using split complementary? Document each intensity of black used.Helpful tip: Triadic is three colours spaced equally apart.
Have you included colours for both web and print? Document colour swatch for each gamut with their values.For example:

RGB, HEX, CMYK, Pantone

Have you included colour contrast in your colour scheme? Document how.For example:

Colour contrast between text and its background colour.

Have you defined the names of the colours used? Document them and give each colour a name.For example:

Azure, Powder Blue, Light Azure, Buff, Turmeric, Tan


For this discussion share two check-box items from your colour theory checklist, including 2-3 sentences of your insights to colour theory that have been applicable to your design. Sharing your findings on the discussion board can assist others in their understanding of colour theory. Include any links to resources which may be helpful to reinforce your findings.