Course Content

Total learning: 27 lessons / 4 quizzes Time: 6 weeks

Week 1 Assignments


Each week you will receive assignments designed to move your idea to the next level.  Expect to spend 20-30 hours per week on each course and assignment.

  1. Identify a Customer Problem or Customer Problems that you want to focus on.  I ________ to _________________ by ____________


  1. How are you qualified to work on this problem?


  1. Complete the Problem, Solution and Unique Value Proposition section on the lean canvas for each idea. Review each canvas. Discard any canvas that does not provide a clear problem and solution. Redo the lean model canvas filling in all sections for your primary idea.


  1. Identify keywords to locate resources relating to the Problem and existing solutions, which may include competitors, blogs, personalities, research organizations or partners.


  1. Interview 25 individuals that have knowledge of the Customer Problem or may be customers themselves to further understand customer problem – the problem may not be what you think. Do not tell the individuals what your solution is, rather let the individuals tell you the story behind their problem and how they are currently solving it.