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Total learning: 27 lessons / 4 quizzes Time: 6 weeks

Week 2 Assignments – Customer Development


  1. Identify your customer. What key assumptions are you making about your customer? Write a list identifying characteristics of your customer.
  2. Create a single customer archetype using a few paragraphs to describe the characteristics that make this customer idea.  Name your customer. Describe your customer’s background, hobby, lifestyle and income level.
  3. Develop a series of interview questions relating to the problem facing your customer. Ask a minimum of 5 -10 ideal customers these questions and make note of the answers.
  4. How does your ideal customer currently solve the issue that you are addressing?
  5. Research other solutions to your problem to identify what has worked, what has failed and how your problem could be better solved.
  6. Identify risks. What risks does your solution entail? What would you view as a failure for your solution? How can you mitigate risk to both you and your customers?