Get In The Ring Ottawa 2019

The Get In The Ring concept started as a pitch competition where 2 startups battle in a ring in front of jury members and large audiences during a highly energetic and fun show. Over the past years, Get in the Ring has grown into much more than just a startup competition. We are now active in 80+ countries, organize more than 130 events every year and work with over 5,000 startups. Startups can take part in the competition, but also in pitch trainings, corporate innovation challenges and speed dating.

Now that Get In The Ring Ottawa 2019 is completed, our Champions are off to Berlin.

Get In The Ring Ottawa is off to Berlin!

On April 4, 2019, EntreLaunch, along with a small team of dedicated entrepreneurs and community builders, presented the first chapter of Get In The Ring Ottawa.

This unusual pitch competition saw 6 startups battle in a boxing ring for the opportunity to represent Ottawa at the Get In The Ring Global Finals in Berlin, Germany. Our grand winners, FanSaves, will be in Berlin June 17-19 and we would like to join them in support.

Get In The Ring Ottawa was completely funded through volunteers, sponsorships and in-kind donations in just a few weeks. Outside of a fundraising specialist, no team member, including EntreLaunch founder and presenting partner Rebecca Palmer, received any financial compensation for time spent on the event.

With the Grand Battle just a few weeks away in Berlin, Germany, Get In The Ring Ottawa would like to send a representative to accompany our Champions and meet other global partners.

What are we raising funds for?

  1. Ticket to Berlin (June 16 – 20). Have excess miles? A miles ticket could also work.
  2. Accommodations x 4 nights (approximately $100 per day)
  3. General travel expenses (meals and transportation)

Please consider sponsoring Rebecca to join our Champions in Berlin and to prepare for the next chapter of Get In The Ring Ottawa in January 2020.

Any excess funds will be applied as follows:

  1. To offset travel costs for the Global Champion, FanSaves.
  2. Applied towards licensing fee and event costs for Get In The Ring 2020.


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Donation Total: $20.00

Get In The Ring Ottawa – January 2020

We are pleased to offer sponsorship opportunities for Ottawa. Please click here for more information.

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