I Used to Hate Sundays

Sunday. A day for family. A day for rest. A day of building dread. I used to hate Sundays!

When you dislike what you are doing during the workweek it is natural to find dread developing in anticipation of the return to work. This dread turns a perfect Sunday into a day of frustration and stress.

So how can you combat it?

When your Sundays are eaten up by anticipation of Monday back at the office, it is time to think about why you dislike Mondays. Is it the commute? The people you work with? The job itself? Identify what it is that makes Mondays so stressful and then look at ways to make Mondays better.Dreading Monday?

The Commute

Driving a long distance or taking the train each day? Consider what other transportation options are available? Can you work remotely from home part of the week? Would it be better is someone else was driving or if your drove yourself? Would leaving earlier or later make your commute better? Do you need to find work closer to your home base or possibly move closer to work?

The People You Work With

Feeling overlooked and undervalued? Working in a negative environment? Need a different kind of workspace?

Feeling undervalued is a common complaint among employees. What can you do to be recognized for your contribution to the workplace? It may be time to sit down with your employer or manager to discuss your work. Many times your contribution may go by without recognition but it may simply be because your management team does not understand the need to provide positive feedback and encouragement.  Know your own value and ask yourself if you are doing your best work and having a positive impact. Value yourself.

A negative workplace is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a business. Negativity affects morale and, in turn, productivity. How is your workplace negative? Is it a management level issue or coworkers? I once worked at a business where a negative person affected the work of everyone around her. This person would speak badly about company clients often – not directly to a client or others but out loud sentences complaining about them after or before taking a phone call. This is just one example. Constant complaining (even if just out loud to no one in particular) affects people working nearby. You could actual feel the negativity roll off the person. Being moved just 10 feet away made a major difference in my work day. Perhaps a desk move would work for you.

Negativity in management is also a major issue. You may not hear about it directly but when management does not get along, it is felt lower down the ranks. Just as children sense parents in disagreement, employees also feel employer tension.

The Job Itself

You can work in a great company with awesome benefits and friendly coworkers but if you hate the work you are doing, you are not going to be happy. This happened to me.

I loved where I worked but the work itself was repetitive and did not allow me to truly apply my skills or interests. I felt useless and despite the fact I was doing important work, I didn’t feel I was really having the impact I wanted to have on my community and in the world. In some cases, you may be able to take on additional roles inside or outside the office to find fulfillment by taking on new tasks or volunteering.

Still unhappy and unsatisfied with your career life? It may be time to explore a new career more aligned with your interests or to launch your own business. Take some time to mull over different ideas and directions.

What would you do if you could do anything and money was no option?

Change will not happen overnight but you can immediately start taking action towards your happiness and future.