So what is #IdeaADay?


Well it is another one of my crazy (and sometimes totally sane) ideas that I have decided needs to come to fruition. So today, September 19, 2017, #IdeaADay is born. Each day, until October 31st, I will share a random idea on Twitter (either @RebeccaPalmer or @EntreLaunch). You are free to take this idea to use yourself  or modify it to fit your own thoughts.

But why am I giving away ideas?

Ideas are unlimited but what counts is how you activate the idea and put it in play. Many of us will have thousands of brilliant ideas that we never got around to launching – either because it didn’t interest us enough or it simply wasn’t the right time. So why waste ideas? By sharing my ideas with you it may spark something that leads you to create your own amazing idea or perhaps you are just the right person to make my crazy idea into reality.

I’ve had some crazy ideas before but Google keeps taking them – the ability to search based on a picture instead of text – yes one of my ideas. (I’m sure someone at Google though had thought of it way before me.)

I’ve also been inspired by ideas others have shared with me. Way back in 2011 at a conference in Huntsville an attendee mentioned that he would love to see someone do something with vertical hydroponic farming and cargo containers. In 2012 I encourage my Startup Weekend team to take this idea further resulting in FreshCube and my love of repurposed cargo containers. It still wasn’t the right idea for me (or my team) but the experience allowed us all to keep creating and have a little fun exploring ideas at the same time.

So what was my first #IdeaADay? Find it here: https://twitter.com/RebeccaPalmer/status/910207742878478336

Have an idea you want to share? Post it on twitter on Facebook using the tag #IdeaADay or send it to me and I will share.

Happy idea creation everyone!