What to Look for When Joining a Start-up at its Very Beginning Stages – The Risk vs. Reward

risks of startup



Choosing a career path can be like a day at the amusement park. Flashing lights! Options!

I’ll start with one basic question – are you the type that rides the Ferris Wheel, or the one that rides the roller coaster? Ask yourself, what kind of person are you, what kind of person do you want to be?

Experience is life’s currency, and if you’re reading this, you’re in the position to make the choice on how you want to cash in. So, tell me, roller coaster or Ferris Wheel? You can probably see where I’m going.

If it’s a steady pay check with a stable schedule, structured days and wiping your hands clean at 5pm – the corporate life is your path. Ride that Ferris Wheel, ride it with pride.
The roller coaster is another kind of ride, a beast and you don’t know what to expect! It can have massive ups, downs, turns surprises and delights. Here are some things to consider before boarding:

Your Role – Let’s start with the basics. What are you going to be doing every day? Depending on that stage you’re entering, your role could be wearing 1, 3 or 8 hats. Take an exploration day to understand the inner workings, goals attached to the role(s), how it meshes with what your strengths are and also, what you want them to be!

• The Vision – If you’re going to commit your life to something, I hope that you feel strongly about it! What is the impact that your service or product is making? Does it make the world a better place, solve a problem in a unique or better way than the competition? Do your research, understand the product and the market! Don’t be afraid to ask about the growth plan for the next year, five and ten.

• The Team – Great things happen when great people some together, it can be that simple. Get to know the team, and remember that it starts with the founder(s); ask them about their values, their beliefs. Starting up, you’re going to spend a lot of time with a small group of people, working closely with them and pushing each other! When exploring, chat with other team members and ask them about their experience and get to know them. This will tell you about ‘culture’, not the free espresso, bean bag chairs and ‘beer o’clock’; those things fade fast!
At the end of the day, remember, nothing speaks to you better than yourself! Your gut rarely steers you down the wrong path. Feel it, expose it and listen to it. Hey, look at that – it’s your turn, Ferris Wheel or roller coaster?

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