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EntreLaunch School Programs

Entrelaunch is happy to announce in-school programming. Our programs are flexible to accommodate the needs of your school and class.



The purpose of creating and delivering EntreLaunch Youth is to promote an interest in financial literacy, creative thinking and entrepreneurship among youth. Through this program, participants learn how to solve challenging real-world problems using creativity and teamwork. They also gain the motivation to create their own career path, manage their finances and further their education.

Programming Outline:

Programs would run for two streams (Start The Fire and Fire It Up described below) for a series of 1 full week. See Appendix A for Sample Schedule. Week to week lesson plans are available for use and/or reference.

Start The Fire – Ages 10-14

Start the Fire captures young children’s inherent curiosity and directs it toward discovering opportunities. This program features a real-world entrepreneurial learning concepts to be explored through research, teamwork, application, and imagination.

Children in the Start The Fire program will:

  • Design and assemble a vision board of goals.
  • Create a Business Model Canvas
  • Learn how to identify and solve a problem or pain point
  • Explore using web tools such as Canva, WordPress and Scratch to create basic websites
  • Learn basic bookkeeping skills and develop an understanding of debits and credits.
  • Begin developing teamwork skills.
  • Engage in team activities.

Fire It Up – Ages 14-18

In Fire It Up, youth are immersed in real-world business planning. Teams identify and design their own solution to solve a need, problem or pain point. Through their participation, youth develop valuable life skills and discover ways to create their own future career while learning that they can make a positive contribution to society. Youth also develop skills to be intrapreneurs within traditional job fields.

Youth in the Fire It Up program will:

Design and assemble a vision board of goals

  • Identify needs, problems or pain points
  • Strategize and develop a solution to a real world problem
  • Apply real-world business concepts to develop a business idea using Business Model Canvas.
  • Learn basic bookkeeping skills and develop an understanding of debits and credits.
  • Develop an understanding of costing and pricing, revenue generation and apply same to business model.
  • Create a pitch for their business model .
  • Learn basic design skills using Canva, create a Facebook page and how to use social media to support their business idea.
  • Develop employment and life skills including critical thinking, time management, collaboration, and communication while becoming more self-confident.
  • Become involved in their local and global community.
  • Engage in team activities.

Number of Participants:

  • Depends on size of space and facilitators but recommended group size of 20-30

Logistical Requirements:

  • Computers with software installed (preferably laptops)  – attendees can bring own device
  • Large space (30’ x 30’)
  • Tables and chairs
  • Washrooms
  • Projector and speakers (optional)
  • Printouts, magazines, glue sticks, Styrofoam or Bristol board

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