What if You Died Today?

what if you died today

What if you died today? Would you like how you would be remembered?

what if you died today

If you have not yet thought about your legacy (as many young entrepreneurs have not), it’s time to do so.

How do you want to be remembered? What would people say at your funeral? Who knows the real you – the one with goals and dreams yet to be accomplished?

So let’s look at a few things. We are actually going to write our obituary as if we died today and then, we will write our future obituary outlining our life accomplishments.

  • If you died today, would you have been happy with how you lived? What would people say about you?
  • If you died today, did you do so with few regrets and satisfied with how your life turned out (outside of dying of course).
  • If you died today, would you be able to say you are proud of the legacy you have left?
  • If you died today, what was missing in your life? What had you thought about but never pursued?
  • If you died today, what did you need to have done to feel you lived a complete life?

As I get older (and keep in mind I’m only 40), I notice more and more how one’s life can change in an instant.  People of all ages die unexpectedly young all the time. It was at World Domination Summit 2014 that Michael Hyatt.  (Watch this talk by clicking on the link!) Michael  spoke to an actuary before  his talk. Out of our ground of 3000, the tables show 2of us would die in 30 days, 24 of us in a year and 61 of us in 5 years. It was sobering. Would it be the person beside me? Someone in the balcony? Me?  We lost 2 known people in the next few years – Chris Guillebeau’s brother and Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend.    Scott was a healthy young man who died unexpectedly climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with his wife Chelsea. He lived life fully speaking about how to Live Your Legend by finding and loving the work you do. Scott left a deep legacy though he left the earth way too soon.

If you hate your job and are unsatisfied with your work, your personal life or more, it’s time to take a step back and really thing about where you are headed. Take charge of your health. Take time for self-care. Will your obituary say “he worked long hours, was always grumpy and never had time to live life?” That is not an awesome life legacy is it? I know I want my own obituary to say that I was a passionate entrepreneur who enjoyed life, valued family and helped change the lives of youth worldwide.

The topic of your own death is tough but something that we need to face. Take a moment to think about whether you are living a life worth living. If you are not, start changing it now.